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Our Euro Projects
Aside from the day to running of the Foundation and it society memberships, and publishing etc, the Foundation is engaged in a number of specific projects which the Volunteer might be able to become involved in. Some of these are outlined below
Our European Heritage Foundation is engaged in a number of specific projects which can benefit the education, sense of belonging, and citizen skills of all the peoples of Europe and also help to enhance understanding of and appreciation for their own nation/region in Europe today. These projects are especially helpful for the young European.

Here are some of the projects we are working on.

The European Library
A major project of collection and research. A library which is specifically dedicated to European spiritualuity and heritage no matter how and where it might be found or in which subject or arena or discipline. The Library consists of around 8,000 items and is growing steadily. Many publishers now donate to this unique enterprise.
Research:                                                                           It is vital that TEL reflects and conserves the lore and learning of the West and commission projects of rediscovery for the benefit of future generations. Our members and associated groups actively commission and undertake research and documentation of folklore, customs/legends, sites, mythology, pagan religion, civilisation, traditions, festivals etc from all over Europe. As facilities of the Library increase this research activity will intensify.
European Megalithic Civilisation:
Research to better comprehend the nature, origin  and the spiritual values underpinning Europe at the time. Appreciation of the unique qualities of each yet the links connecting all of them. Ranges from such places as Minos (Crete), New Grange (Ireland),  Avebury & Dartmoor  (England),  Skara Brae (Scotland), and many other places.
European Temples: Great achievements in the spiritual realms are seen in the religious architecture of ancient Europe. They can range from great earthworks and stone circles and avenues, to immense free-standing stone edifices and covered temples or even hewn out of the living rock.  
European Mythologies
This is also represented in the mythological pantheons of the various tribal families of euroeop (Finno-Ugric, Norse-German, Slavic, Celtic etc). The cycles of time and the emergence of various pantheons which succeeded and overlapped each other reflect the development of our spiritual conscioiusness. They also represent aspects of the links between us as a family of nations.
European Language & Spirituality:
Our modern day speech, expressions, idioms are- without our releasing it it- manifestations of the spiritual values of ancient reurope and a living link between us and those ancestors. Various words and sayings speak volumes regarding comprehension of Earthly and Cosmic reality. Once again again these words often  have a pan-European context emerging in slight variations in many countries.
Field Research:
Specific expeditions to study, research and document sites of specific cultural, historical, spiritual and heritage interest. We have regular expeditions to such places as Dartmoor, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, and the sites of the 'Wessex' culture (e.g. the Aveburyhenge groups of monuments in Wiltshire England).
Members also form their own study groups in their own country to mount expeditions.
(see also Field trips page: Field Trips)
European Landscape & Religion:
Over countless millennia the European peoples moulded their landscape- often reflecting their spiritual beliefs. Nature was  seen as a direct manifestation of the Divine, and man worked with these in both the farming year, the siting and layout of his spiritual places/of worship, and een dedicating his crops and livestock the methods of husbanding.

People, Places, Towns and Deities

Our ancestors saw the entirety of existence past, present and future as an organic process of which they were a part. Where they made their homestead, (which over succeeding centuries became our villages and towns of today) reflect their capacity for and involvement in the divine and the sacred. Explore with us a range of European deities and heroes which can still be found.


Each of these Projects we operate in the following ways:

  1. Part of the programme of activities by members in our study groups operating across Europe.

  2. Activities as part of the programme during our Albion Pilgrimage and during our Europa-Camp summer study vacation open to the public.

  3. Research studies by individual members or students.

  4. Activities as part of our Scholarships and House-Carlships.

  5. Customised itineraries for day (or weekend or 1 week) excursions for other groups when they visit England.

  6. Specialist vacation programmes for groups of students (and their tutors) from Universities (and/or Schools) from Europe (or N. America) as part of their Departmental curriculum.
  7.  Harmony & Exchange: a summer conference where students from different nations come together to exchange their views and experience on a specific theme or contemporary cultural project
  8. Summer camps/school in England where small groups which have a minimum of 5 nation participation live and study together and undertake a specific research project, and historical period

  9. Projects are pursued according to the availability of manpower and resources and funding.

  10. All Volunteers/Scholars will however be able to engage in some aspect of all of these, including field trips.

NOTE: Projects are pursued according to the availability of manpower and resources and funding.
All Volunteers will however be able to engage in some aspect of all of these, including field trips.